Ce scriam în August 2011

The place where Lizuca stayed hidden with her puppy Patrocle 🙂

Picture: Sept 9, 2011. There is a beautiful story about Lizuca, a little girl, and her puppy, that stayed hidden in the woods and slept under this tree..

I miss so much childhood stories… And the innocence of believing in beautiful stories and Santa Claus..

Why not to have (great) expectations

19 august 2011

Like someone once told me, in life is better not to have (too big) expectations from things, experiences or persons.
Actually, what is disappointing for us is mostly generated from our expectations. What we want from the job, from the boss, what we expect from our friends, from our social life, from our wife/ husband, and the worse, what we expect from ourselves. People are not ( necessarily) what we expect them to be. Our friends forget sometimes about us, people make mistakes and most of the times, they don’t mean it. I am not saying that we should let anyone hurt us without sense ( not that it would make any sense to hurt someone hmm) but don’t expect them to be perfect. We are so imperfect, it’s natural and we should accept it. I don’t wanna be dramatic about it.
Think about how many times we get mad because : we expect too much from a job, from our boyfriend, from our kids, from the friends, from our career, from so many things. From ourselves. And we are disappointed when something goes wrong. Think about the good thing of having the mind open, don’t expect too much, just take the things as they are, and enjoy the good things in life, the small things.
I remember how I was always making plans and imagining the perfect life ( house, family etc), sometimes is better just to forget about fantasizing and be realistic. Keep the dreams there, fight for them but stay realistic.

18 august 2011

What I learnt today-how to be happy- rule one

So, today I learned that one of the better things one can do is not to gossip. Gossiping is taking so much of the precious time and energy and is not worth the fun. I just don’t like people who gossip because I assume that once they do this and be mean with somebody else, probably they’ll do the same with other people too, including me. So basically the first rule is to stay as much as possible away from gossiping. Think about how much energy one would save , spending that time on good and positive things, instead of worrying about other people. I’ll try from now on to stay chill and don’t say mean things about others. Actually to not say anything, it’s not our right to judge others and talk about them.
From now on, just be happy and optimistic and find solutions and positive things instead of judging others! XOXO Oana

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