Ce scriam în 2013- The Motivation, 25 feb. 2013

Am găsit din întâmplare siteul meu din trecut, început în 2012, o să fac câte o postare cu cele relevante și cu o poză din perioadele în care am scris ce am scris :).

Evident, mă găndeam la cum să încep o afacere 🙂 Și culmea, chiar am menționat grădiniță. Oana de la 26 de ani știa ea ce știa 🙂 .

The Motivation, 25 feb. 2013

If we look for the standard definition of Motivation, we will see that it is described as the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way, and the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Nothing new so far, as we all knew, it is the reason that pushes us to do things, to speak up, to work, to do certain activities, sometimes as easy as getting out of bed in the morning.
Starting years ago I’ve been looking at people around me and try to analyze how it it possible that some of them can do so many things, while others don’t even have the energy, or.. motivation to clean their houses, or take care of their health.
It is obvious that we all have different motivations in our lives. Depending also on our priorities and interests, some will be motivated to do whatever it takes for money, others for cars, others for fame and success, others for power.
Well, it is same in profession and also for people who want to start their own business. People are motivated by different things.

  • Money. Obvious this is one of the reasons for which we work. We do overtimes, long hours of work, we want to get a promotion, a raise, mostly for money. This is a good reason, wanting to live better cannot be a wrong things It is the question of how much do we need to live good is enough, and this is what makes us different. Here we could go into other subject, of the needs, but let’s stick to the money for now. So, it is good to have money, and make money. A lot of us normally think than when someone starts a business he will suddenly start to make more money . Well, this is not true, most of the times, especially in the beginning, when the business is trying to pick up, the hours of work are not recompensed as they should be. The owner will work hard, look for solutions, and the money are not so good (exceptions exist of course). It is good to hope for a business to be successful and grow, and the money to compensate the work, however the future business man should not make of this his priority. Money come natural with the success, when the business will be good, there will be money.
  • Desire to build something. A lot of people are fearful of death. We fear that when we won’t be here anymore, there will be nothing left to remind the posterity of who we were and what we did. Most of us don’t even realize it, but this fear is so present. So, instead of being forgotten, we chose to build something, to start a way of our own, to create our small universe that will remind others of us. This is in my opinion, one motivation that most of the times is not even realized by people. So, some of us write a book, others make art, others write, others build business. For me, all of these things are ways through which people struggle to leave a mark.
  • Desire to give something back to the world. This is my favorite one definitely. It is about people who are thankful to the world, to the universe, and feel the need to give back. These people want to give something good to others, to satisfy a need. They want to build a better place for others to enjoy, their motivation is to make other people happy. For me, giving something back to others is the greatest motivation. It means forgetting about the selfishness of the money and the material possessions; forgetting the mark we leave behind us; focusing just on present and on other needs. Building a business to do something for others is truly one of most powerful motivations that can be. And is also half of the satisfaction one can get from having a business. Because no matter what, almost all business influence people and lives. So, having this purpose is almost half of success in my opinion. People who are motivated to give something back to others create businesses to offer services, such as kindergartens, or restaurants, or yoga places, and so on.
  • Believing in something or loving it. There are people who love some things, let’s take cars for example. If you absolutely love, love cars, it comes naturally that you like to take care of them, to fix them. So having an auto service will be like the heaven business. Same goes for those who love flowers, or vegetables, or decorations. If you believe in what you do, you’re half way there. Others around us feel the energy of a person who loves what they do, what they sell, what they offer.

There are many others motivation to start a business. I exclude here proving something to yourself or to others. It is important to believe in what you are starting to do; to start it in a domain in which you are already good, or have some knowledge, and something that you already like to do. Whatever your motivation is, good luck in your business!

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